Town criers used to tell people what they must do, according to the king's orders.

Let me figure something out.

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My contemporaries are, working, shopping, out and about, all the time.


Does she have what it takes?


Ami wanted to give a very special present to his girlfriend.

We must keep quiet.

I need a word with them.


The whole world loves Brazil.

You're tired of not doing anything.

A fox doesn't need the bravery of a lion, a lion doesn't need the foxery of a fox.

Who was it that bought those pictures yesterday?

I'm taking Douglas for a walk.

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I am happy.

Settlers were forced off their land.

That would be a change.


I can't tell you any more about it.

As we were singing songs, we climbed to the top.

My salary doesn't suit me. I am going to look for a different job.

I've decided to tell the truth.

Do you know what kind of thing that is?

How bad can it be?

Homeopathy doesn't work.

Could you take me to this seat?

This paragraph is vague.

That's part of it.

We can't protect them.

I have to do it myself.

They looked at me funny.

Toby called me up.

I haven't been back here since the incident.

Jwahar is opening presents.

Miss Sua, she's been doing yoga recently and really lost a lot of weight!

She cackled at the poor man. "So it is that you have one wish left."

You'll never see her again.

He proposed that they put up at that inn.

I was expecting a letter from her.

We'll take a look.

I studied the structure of Ainu families.

What's the difference between "May I" and "Can I"?

Janos hated the thought of leaving.


My father bought me a bicycle.

He was invited.

She won't be ready.

I've already read some of what you wrote.

I move that these proposals be approved, and that action be taken as soon as possible.

We hurried to the airport, but we missed the plane.

Let's remember the good times.

I would do it if I had more time on my hands.

He handled the tool skillfully.

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I thought that's what you'd want to do.

Harmon kept his distance.

You didn't see him, did you?

She goes to school by bus.

You called?

Have you been out of the country recently?

Jesus had some problems dealing with Hitoshi.

Sho wanted to know everything about Panacea.

Money is the last thing on his mind.

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I wasn't the one who found Pilot's keys.

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I never knew about him.

I was given training in that school.

Is Gibraltar a country?

The epidemic didn't reach our area.

He is none the happier for his wealth.

Why isn't Petr making lunch?

"What the fuck is this shit?" thought Emmett.

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I don't know how to use this compass.


I told you it wasn't her.


Vidhyanath told me a secret.


You don't like me very much, do you?

He goes in for whatever he finds interesting at the moment.

The shortage of manpower poses a big problem for us.

We want Eliot to know he can come home.

In Italy the child is a symbol of innocence.

We were just unlucky.

She is attracting comments from all quarters.

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She's six years older than I am.

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The price of my dress' fabric is 10 Euros per meter.

Sangho gave Elsa a nice present.

I need your help more and more.

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I don't think this shirt goes with that red tie.

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Rising costs are fueling anxieties among consumers.

Dr. Zamenhof believed that a language belongs to the people who speak it which is why he never copyrighted Esperanto.

A haiku ought to have a word that pins it to a season.


Donal is always late to meetings.

Close the window.

He lives by himself in the woods.


After I had finished the job, I went to bed.

Hsi tried to put on a happy face.

I need a cup of sugar.

Dan relayed messages between Matt and Linda.

She finally mustered up the courage to ask him for more money.

When the goalkeeper touched the ball, the referee awarded the other team a corner kick.

What was the matter with them?

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I would love to drive the car but I'm only 14.

Neil told Hurf why he couldn't go to her party.

Put out your tongue, please.


The X-axis is the horizontal axis and the Y-axis is the vertical axis.


I don't care about the law.

It's like the world has already ended and we're all in Hell but haven't noticed yet.

I wrote a letter in French.

I am yours, she whispered quietly.

What a misfortune that your father has died, my child. Unfortunately, I can do nothing to help you.

They are always complaining.

I feel like I've known her forever.


We've already started.


Do you really think Kathy will help us?

I'm sorry. We must have our wires crossed. I thought we were talking about last night.

Where are the flowers she used to plait into her hair? Where's lush verdure, warm and serene nights, happy songs?

Everyone laughed except us.

Everyone deserves a break.

I promised your mother I'd look after you.

Those are sunflowers.

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I'll help you fight him.


Jochen will never go back there.

I'm not leaving Wolfgang and Rahul here by themselves.

Please show me some of the travel guides for this country.

The shock robbed her of her speech.

The audience slowly started to applaud.

These are as good as those.

Nevertheless, the topic is worth discussing.

Joe is a really interesting guy.

We're geniuses.

Tolerant was hurt in a car accident.

Revised doesn't want to see Pascal anymore.

Make sure of your facts before you write the paper.

Bodybuilding is his hobby so he has a very firm tight body with lots of muscle definition.

We have reason to be thankful.

That took guts.

Dwight deeply regretted doing what he had done.

I'm sure that's what Drew would've wanted.

How can I translate words that don't exist in any language besides my own?

Toby's the best.

Hitoshi has a bad heart.

Pilot looks after us.

You have chosen the best.

I might not be able to help.


To some degree, we carry the ancient oceans in our blood.

Can a child do such a cruel thing?

Everyone was quite satisfied.

Taking into account the time I'd just spent napping, I'm really picking up the sense that this time's exam really won't be straight forward.

After Dimetry's death, Carolyn was in deep mourning.

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German banks are among Europe's most troubled.


The Serpent Bearer is an outspread but not very prominent constellation.


What are my responsibilities?

Is that even legal?

The senate approved the bill.

I'm not sure about this.

Some say he lost, others say he won, but that's not the point.


In May of 1865, Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina signed the Triple Alliance Treaty that set the objectives of the war and conditions for surrender that they would impose upon Paraguay.

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I hope this plan works.

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Today, more and more people are changing jobs in order to get a better salary and higher social status.

Take a sweater with you so you don't catch a cold.

The cat fell asleep curled up in front of the fireplace.

Where on earth did you meet him?

I'm going to hang out with him.


Shannon sustained fatal injuries.


I'm not sure right now.

A mouse came into the room.

We believe you.

I reacted instinctively.

There was a storm that night.

I just heard something upstairs.

Forgive me, my love.